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How Long Will a Renovation Take?

How long will a renovation take? This is a question we get quite often. The answer largely depends on the scale of the work as well as the parties involved. For instance a standard 3 piece bathroom reno, where your toilet, vanity and shower are all in the same position usually takes 7-10 business days. On the other hand, a kitchen reno involving multiple different trades such as our electrician, plumber, cabinet maker, tile setter, drywaller, etc, would be closer to a month.

Whatever the scale of your project, we always advise our customers to expect the unexpected. We do our best to manage expectations, but depending on the availability of our different trades as well as the turnaround time from any inspectors or engineers involved, delays usually always occur. This is normal. Plan months in advance to ensure you have sufficient time and you are booking a contractor that is reliable not just available. Many of our new customers are surprised that we are booking 1-2 months out and want a contractor that is available tomorrow. We usually advise against this and beg the question, “If a company is available to start tomorrow, why are they available?”.

The main take away for any reno is to take your time when planning to ensure you pick a contracting team you trust and you start your project well in advance to allow sufficient time for the unknown.

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